About Maryfah

Maryfah is an education platform that focuses on teaching the Chinese culture and language through live streaming education and animation

With global change in a new era, the world is becoming more inter-related and business relations are growing exponentially in many markets such as those in the Arab World and Asia, specifically China.

Public and the private sector enterprises are investing their time and money in new markets, people, ideas, innovations and smart investments, for these reasons and many more, we strongly believe that understanding Chinese language and culture will be an asset to your future while paving the way to much more opportunities.

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In the Classroom

Chinese Language Course for k-12 students

Teaching General/ HSK Chinese-Mandarin language and culture through live streaming with our qualified teachers based in China

Business Mandarin for Adults

Teaching Business Chinese- Mandarin language and culture through live streaming with our qualified teachers based in China

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Chinese Culture Courses for Children

Teaching Chinese-Mandarin language and culture through educational Animation

We focus on the result by tailoring our curriculum according to the client’s needs

Chinese Culture Course for Children

    ✓ Our curriculum is systematic, 11 levels, 176 classes.

    ✓Each class consists of four parts: Animation Introduction, Culture Learning Expression Training, Word Explanation.

Business Mandarin for Adults

   ✓ Maryfah multiple medium languages are available.
   ✓ Maryfah has dedicated teachers to teach adults.

Chinese Language Course for k-12 students

   ✓ Our curriculum contains 15 levels, 240 classes. Each level has an Expansion Course Package, which includes Pinyin, Chinese Character, language Context.

   ✓ Our curriculum systematically matches HSK. 

…and by delivering our services in a fun and well presented way to assure a positive outcome

Our textbooks are specifically designed for Distance Learning Programs, and

includes, practice exercises, dialogue text, and visual identifiers

Students will receive supportive material that will include, textbook, handout and

Audio sessions

Our teachers are well experienced professionals that teach Mandarin as a foreign language. They are able to communicate well in English and understand their students.

Team work

Maryfah collaborates closely with top Chinese curriculum providers, teachers, and developers to better serve its clients

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The curriculum that we use, has been tested and approved by students from all over the world


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