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Mandarin−Business Chinese

Level 1

Start in September 2020,  

20 Sessions for 500USD only

2 Sessions per week, 50min per session for 10 consecutive weeks

The best course for beginners to boost Chinese proficiency

Recommended time for the class :Every Tuesday and Thursday starting 6pm UTC+3

timing could be adjusted to suit all students

Solidarity with BEIRUT.

First of September, October and November are our 3 upcoming Chinese Business Courses, for every registered student 50 USD will be donated to the Lebanon red cross to support families in need. 

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3 different timing





(GMT-3) Brasilia Time: 11:30 -12:20 

(GMT+3) Riyadh    Time:17:30 - 18:20

(GMT+8) Beijing Time :22:30-23:20





Brasilia Time:   21:30 - 22:20

Beijing  Time : 08:30 -09:20 (WED) 






Riyadh Time:10:00 - 10:50

Beijing Time:15:00 - 15:50



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